Main goals and new projects in the COBISS.BG system

20. 10. 2022

Main goals and new projects in the COBISS.BG system

The main goals and projects in the COBISS.BG system are related to the expansion of the activities of libraries in the COBISS system by implementing two new modules: Serials (in the National Library) and Loan (in the Library of National Centre for Information and Documentation). The implementation of these modules will improve the functions and efficiency of both libraries.

Our experience so far in the area of cataloguing and authority control for personal names gives us the foundation to develop project for implementation of authority control for corporate body names. The development of the authority control is also an opportunity to start the procedure for contributing to VIAF (Virtual International Authority File).

In regard to the editions of the bibliographic index “Bulgaria in foreign literature” actions are being taken to develop a plan and an algorithm for creating reports of data in the index of the COBISS system. In order to expand the information value of the displayed data on library materials in the COBISS+ catalogue, procedures for using the dCOBISS application are also being prepared.

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