Dr. Jerneja Ferlež

Dr. Jerneja Ferlež


Jerneja Ferlež, UM, Univerzitetna knjižnica Maribor

Jerneja Ferlež is an ethnologist and librarian and works at the Maribor University Library. She is the author of several books and articles on the ethnology of Maribor and several articles from the area of librarianship. She is active in several areas which she is trying to interconnect in terms of content and form.

At the Maribor University Library, she initially worked as a reference librarian, and then became head of user services. At the moment, she is an advisor for public relations and member of the UKM Professional Board.

She organises various types of events at the library and creatively cooperates with other agents throughout the city and elsewhere. She is also an editor, peer-reviewer, lecturer, author of exhibitions, moderator and novelist.

During her career, she received several awards, such as Glazerjeva listina (2009), Čopova diploma (2019) and Murkovo priznanje (2009). She is the author of the books Mariborska dvorišča, Stanovati v Mariboru, Fotografiranje v Mariboru 1918–1941, Josip Hutter in bivalna kultura Maribora, co-editor of the publication 110 anekdot o UKM and coordinator of the exhibition Nemci in Maribor for the European Cultural Capital 2012.

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