For many years, IZUM has been organising the traditional international COBISS conference, which is a professional meeting of librarians and researchers in the wider region. The topics of the conference are strongly intertwined with the core activity of IZUM, which is mainly related to the development and operation of the COBISS system and services. These represent the foundation of the library information system in Slovenia and in other countries participating in the network.

The COBISS 2024 conference will be the 24th in a row and will again be held under the slogan Working Together to Build Confidence in Science and Development. Speakers will be renowned national and international experts who will present a variety of interesting topics: the possibility of using artificial intelligence in library software and library services for users, the accessibility of services for vulnerable groups, the launch of the new technological solution for e-book lending COBISS Ela and the introduction of new generations of library software (COBISS Lib, COBISS Cat and COBISS+), the presentation of new models of bibliographic data, and other attractive and current topics.

The conference will provide an excellent opportunity to network with speakers, colleagues and other participants, exchange good practices, showcase achievements and discuss new developments and common plans for the future.

There will be no registration fee, but registration will be required. We will keep you updated on the conference website with details of the programme and speakers and will let you know when it is time to register. You can already mark 23 and 24 October 2024 in your calendar and book your time for the COBISS 2024 conference.

You are cordially invited. See you in October 2024 in Maribor.

Dr. Aleš Bošnjak

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